Science Outreach for Adults

This section is primarily for parents and teachers. There are sites to help parents help their children, as well as curriculum plans and ideas for teachers. Please also check out the kids and teen sections for other sites useful for adults. For the kids and teens sites, we have checked out the sites for suitable content. We have also given warnings about sites that have some or a lot of advertising. If you find sites that you feel are not suitable, please let us know. If you find sites that we have missed, please tell us.

For more specific information about the Athabasca River Basin, please see the section For Specialists.  In that section there is information about Athabasca University’s Museum Collections (plants and animals), Athabasca River Basin Research Institute (ARBRI), and the Bibliography of the Athabasca River Basin (BARB).

Also check out the Citizen Science section for  ideas on how you and your children can contribute to documenting science in your area.

If your children are interested in doing a science fair project or just some science activities at home, please look at our Science Fair Projects.  The Image Banks section gives sources for copyright free photographs and illustrations that your children may use for such activities. ”

Science Outreach Athabasca - September 26, 2012

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