Science Fair Projects

Places to Get Ideas

The following is a list of places to find ideas for science fair projects.

Remember that science is based on truth and if you are working in science (like preparing a science project) you should be truthful about your work. So use your own words to write up your project rather than copying others’ words. Also, state where you got your information (for example, in a list of references at the end of your project description). has suggestions for science fairs in middle and high schools.

Alberta Science Fair Foundation.

Altius Directory has some basic information on how to do a science fair project.

All Science Fair Projects has 500 ideas, with complete instructions, for science fair projects for elementary, middle and high schools.

Annapolis Valley Regional Science Fair (Nova Scotia). See their “Project Help” section.

Bay Area Science and Engineering Fair (Ontario). See their “Project Resources” section.

British Columbia Science Fair Foundation. An excellent site for students (and teachers).

Canada-Wide Science Fair (CWSF). Home page of the Canada Wide Science fairs with a listing of cities involved since 1962. Photos from last several years.

Canada-Wide Virtual Science Fair. An annual online science and technology fair open to all Canadian students in grades K-12.

Calgary Youth Science Fair. Primarily for students from schools in and around Calgary.

Canadian Mathematical Society gives ideas for math-related projects.

Dr. Shawn’s Super Science Fair Support Center. Warning: Commercial site.

Edmonton Regional Science Fair

Newfoundland and Labrador’s Centre for Distance Learning and Innovation has ideas for all age levels.

Julian Trubin gives ideas, resources and sample science fair projects and experiments for elementary, middle and high school students.

Knowledge Hound, the How-to Hunter, has ideas for science fair projects, including some complicated robots.

Lambton County Science Fair (Ontario). See “Project Hints”.

London District Science and Technology Fair (Ontario).

The National Student Research Center has an electronic science journal for student research. They also have ThinkQuest, an international contest for student researchers.

Neuroscience for Kids. How to do a good project.

In 2008, Popular Science Magazine started a National School Inventors Challenge for elementary, middle school and high school students of the United States. Although Canadian students cannot enter, some ideas may be found from the contest winners.

Prince Edward Island Science Fair. See their “Links” section.

Science Made Simple has information and ideas on projects. Warning: Advertising for science project kits.

Science Fair Idea Exchange has ideas for simple, medium and advanced projects. Some videos on YouTube. Also locations for supplies. has a list of steps to take in ding a science fair project as well as information on judging. Warning: Advertising for science supplies.

Stuff in the Air has weather and meteorological ideas for projects.

Super Science Fair Projects lists ideas, topics and experiments. Warning: Advertising for science kits.

Timmins Science (Ontario). In English and French. Check out “Science Fair”.

Toronto Science and Technology Fair (Ontario).

TryScience has various ideas for experiments for younger children. The site is offered in several languages.

Waterloo-Wellington Science and Engineering Fair (Ontario).

Western Manitoba Science Fair.

WhizKids lists science fairs in various provinces and states.

WWW Virtual Library: Science Fairs provides a comprehensive list of every science fair in Canada and the US that are accessible through the World Wide Web.

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