Alberta Heritage Research Project produced an animated display of an Archeology Time Line. Click on the down arrow.

Archaeological Adventure. From ThinkQuest. Warning: Some advertising.

Archaeology for Kids by Binghamton University.

Archaeological Sites of the world are provided by the Minnesota State University Mankato.

Archaeological Society of Alberta.

Archeology at the Royal Alberta Museum. Check out their “Recent Projects” and “Aspects …”

Archeology is a web site of the Archeological Institute of America. You can view some of their dig sites.

Archeology in the Oilsands was published by Legion Magazine.

Dig: the Archeology Magazine for Kids. Warning: Limited advertising.

Kids Dig Reed Farmstead. An archeological site of West Virginia.

Kids and Teens Open Directory Project lists a number of excellent sites.

Lifeways of Canada, a consulting firm in Alberta and Saskatchewan, presents a brief history of archeology in Alberta. Also check out their “Resource Library” for photos and articles.

Mysterious Places: Ancient Civilizations and Modern Mysteries including Easter Island, Mali, Maya and Stonehenge. Warning: Limited advertising.

Young Adventurers’ Page provided by Simon Fraser University’s Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology.

Science Outreach Athabasca - September 26, 2012

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