Science Museums & Centres

Alberta Research Council - Provides solutions globally to the energy, life sciences, agriculture, environment, forestry and manufacturing sectors.

American Museum of Natural History - Ten signature galleries and feature exhibitions that celebrate the spectacular history and diversity of life.

Calgary Science Centre - Some of the best exhibits in Canada.

Canada Aviation Museum - Outlines the development of the flying machine, in both peace and war, from the pioneer period to the present time, with a particular but not exclusive reference to Canadian achievements.

Canada Science and Technology Museum - Encompasses a broad cross-section of Canadian scientific and technological heritage.

Discovery Centre (Halifax, NS) - Discover new things about science.

H.R. MacMillan Space Centre (Vancouver, BC) - BC’s number one space centre.

Hands On Children's Museum (Olympia, WA) - Five galleries filled with more than 55 exciting, interactive exhibits.

Hooper Virtual Natural History Museum (Ottawa-Carleton, ON) - Provides a state-of-the-art summary of items of geological interest.

John Janzen Nature Centre: Edmonton - A wonderful place for kids. It offers all kinds of programs year-round that will almost entirely satisfy their inquisitive nature.

London Museum of Archaeology (ON) - Unique Canadian museum devoted to the study, display, and interpretation of the human occupation of Southwestern Ontario over the past 11,000 years.

National Research Council - The Government of Canada's premier organization for research and development.

Newfoundland Science Centre - To spark interest and participation in science.

Ocean Sciences Centre - Research is conducted on the North Atlantic fishery, aquaculture, oceanography, ecology, behavior and physiology of a wide variety of marine organisms.

Odyssium - Edmonton space and science centre.

Ojibway Nature Centre, Windsor - Nature and wildlife of the Windsor Region.

Ontario Science Centre - Thought-provoking experiences in science.

Queensland Museum - Museum of science, environment and human experience.

Royal Ontario Museum - Art, archaeology and science galleries showcasing the world’s culture and natural history.

Royal Tyrrell Museum (Drumheller, AB) - Ten signature galleries and feature exhibitions that celebrate the spectacular history and diversity of life.

Saskatchewan Science Centre - Makes science fun for people of all ages!

Science North (Sudbury, ON) - A world-renowned science centre.

Science World British Columbia (Vancouver) - Hundreds of interactive exhibits in five unique galleries

Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum - Largest collection of historic air and spacecraft in the world.

The Canada Agriculture Museum - Explore the sights and sounds of typical farm life and learn about Canada’s unique agricultural heritage.

The Canadian Medical Hall of Fame - Celebrates Canadian contributions to medicine and the health sciences.

The Franklin Institute - Online science museum.

The Manitoba Museum - The province’s largest heritage centre renowned for its combined human and natural heritage themes.

Natural History Museum (London, England) - UK's national museum of nature.

The Provincial Museum of Alberta (Edmonton) - Encouraging understanding and appreciation of Alberta’s natural and cultural heritage.

Virtual Museum of Canada (VMC) - Stories and treasures that have come to define Canada over the centuries.

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