The New Biofuel Industry

April 30, 2008

Biofuel. Credit: Wikipedia--free copyright.Speaker: Dr. Lawton Shaw

Date & Time: April 15, 2008

Location: Athabasca University Governing Council Chambers,
1 University Drive, Athabasca, Alberta.

Synopsis: The recent and rapid growth of the biofuel industry in North America should come as no surprise, given the steady increases in oil prices. But, what are biofuels? What crops are used to make them? How are biofuels refined? And, how will this new industry affect local and global economies, and the environment? This presentation will answer some of these questions, and discuss some of the controversies around biofuels.

Presenter: Dr. Lawton Shaw is Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Athabasca University. He grew up in Calgary, where he also completed his bachelor and doctorate degrees. He started his chemistry career as a photochemist and he is now researching the effects of power ultrasound on organic pollutants in water. He has a long standing interest in alternative energy.

Science Outreach Athabasca - September 26, 2012

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