Upcoming Events

Our Science Outreach speaker series will be on a hiatus until the fall.  Thanks to our wonderful volunteers for continuing some programs in our schools!

  • April 30 & May 3, 2019 - Student Science Lab Experience at Landing Trail Intermediate School in Athabasca for 5 classes of students in grade 5 with Carmen Allen, Wayne Brehaut, Elaine Birkigt and Linda Lindballe.
  • May 13 & 14, 2019 - Spider Talks for 2 classes of Playschool students at Whispering Hills Primary School in Athabasca with Robert Holmberg.
  • May 21, 2019 - Spider Talks for 5 classrooms of grade 2 students at Whispering Hills Primary School in Athabasca with Robert Holmberg and Linda Lindballe.
  • September 25, 2019 - Living with Artificial Intelligence: past, present and future with Dr. Stella George Assistant Professor, Computing and Information Systems, Athabasca University from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM in Athabasca University Governing Council Chambers.  Over the last five or so years Artificial Intelligence (AI) has erupted in our media. Would it surprise you to know AI has been around since the advent of the computer at the end of WWII? And it has quietly been evolving ever since.  The term AI is used by the media ubiquitously but what actually is included under the umbrella term AI?  Free community event!  Door prizes! 

To Book Hour of Code school talks and demos with Wayne Brehaut school presentations for students ages 12 to 15... Contact Science Outreach if interested.

To Book DNA labs and demos with Carmen Allen... Contact Science Outreach if interested.

To Book Spider Talks with Robert Holmberg, Professor Emeritus AU and resident Entomologist at your school... Contact Science Outreach if interested.

Many of our events are held at Athabasca University in Governing Council Chambers. Please park in parking lot C. To view a map of the grounds and parking please click here.

Science Outreach Athabasca - June 3, 2019

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