Travelling Exhibit Cabinet: Birds of the Boreal Forest

The display features birds and bird nests that are common to the Boreal Forest. The preserved materials are part of Athabasca University's biological collections. The exhibit was initially set up for the Karvonen Nature Film Festival, 27-28 February 2004. It was prepared primarily by Miyako Warrington with assistance from Robert Holmberg, Linda Lindballe, and Elaine Goth-Birkigt. The specimens came from many local people and were preserved by Elaine Goth-Birkigt and various students.

This travelling exhibit has been at the Athabasca Public Library and Archives, Whispering Hills Elementary School, Landing Trail Intermediate School and Smith School.

Travelling display in the Athabasca Public Library. Photo by Robert Holmberg

The large main drawer with various bird species.  All the birds in the exhibit died by flying into windows or cars.

Birds in the large main drawer. Photo by Robert Holmberg.

Small drawer with museum specimens encased in plastic for the public to pick up and examine.

Birds in the small drawer. Photo by Robert Holmberg.

Medium drawer with comparisons of bird beaks with various tools that have a similar form or function.

Birds in the medium drawer. Photo by Robert Holmberg.

Science Outreach Athabasca - September 26, 2012

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