Wildlife Brochures

BrochuresTo help the genral public learn about the biological diversity of the Athabasca region, members of Science Outreach - Athabasca have cooperated with various groups and individuals to produce some wildlife brochures.

The following brochures are completed and available electronically (Adobe Acrobat or Microsoft Word files) or on paper (contact Science Outreach - Athabasca Coordinator).


Birds checklist

Word (399 KB)
PDF (861 KB)

Butterflies checklist

PDF (Side 1) (98 KB)
PDF (Side 2)
(31 KB)

Dragonflies brochure

Word (Side 1) (81 KB)
Word (Side 2)
(320 KB)

Mammals checklist

Word (590 KB)
PDF (280 KB)

Mammals brochure



Future Wildlife Brochures

We hope to produce more broshures - depending upon volunteers and obtaining funds for publication costs. These are the ones we have in mind. If you would like to help, please contact us.

Aquatic Insects
Aquatic Plants
Biting Flies (including how to avoid them)
Constellations of the Nothern Sky
Fish and Amphibians
Mollusks: Snails and Clams
Mushrooms (including some other Fungi)
Spiders and other Arachnids
Terrestrial Insects
Trees and Shrubs

Science Outreach Athabasca - September 27, 2012

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