Kids (Grades 1-6) Botany - Plants, Algae & Fungi - Links

In the past, anything that was not an animal was classified as a plant. Even today, botany usually concerns all things that photosynthesize as well as fungi which do not photosynthesize. The study of fungi is called mycology.The study of algae is included in the field of protistology – the study of protists (unicellular organisms with nuclei).

Exploring the Secret Life of Trees - A slide show about trees.

Fun Facts about Fungi - Learn all about Fungi. Experiments, puzzles and games.

Great Plant Escape - Become a plant detective to solve various botanical mysteries.

Kid Science Link - Botany for kids- index.

Kids Online Resources has links to sites for kindergarten to college students.

KIDS.NET.AU – Botany information from websites, encyclopedias, dictionaries and thesaurus.

Kindergarden - An introduction to the many ways children can interact with plants and the outdoors.

Plants for Kids has many links to plants and algae. Started by kids.

Science Outreach Athabasca - November 26, 2018

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