Teens (Grades 7-12) Chemistry Links

About.com: Chemistry - A big collection of chemistry demonstrations, crafts, and projects suitable for teens. Some activities require adult supervision. Warning: Some advertising.

Chemical Heritage Foundation - Investigate chemical discoveries and read about the remarkable people who made them.

Chemistry Explained: Foundations and Applications – Online chemistry encyclopaedia.

EurekAlert!, American Association for the Advancement of Science – Stay informed about the latest news in chemistry, physics and material sciences.

Science Elements – Science news podcasts from the American Chemical Society.

Science is Fun in the Lab of Shakhashiri – Experience the fun of science through home activities,  demonstrations, shows, videos, and books.

The Interactive Library, Ediformics.com - Numerous Java applets for chemistry and three-dimensional molecules.

The Lab of Shakhashiri - Experinece the fun of science through home activities, demonstrations, shows, videos, and books.

The Learning Matters of Chemistry: Movie Index - Tutorials, visualizations and exercises.

Understanding our Planet through Chemistry, U.S. Geological Survey.

WebElements - Online interactive periodic table with images of elements. Warning: Limited advertising.

Science Outreach Athabasca - September 26, 2012

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