Teens (Grades 7-12) Earth Science Links

Air Now - Know the air quality where you live and discover how smog can affect your health (United States data only).

Alberta River Basins - Information on Alberta’s seven major river basins.

Beneath the Surface – Fresh Thinking About Water - Dedicated to obtaining first hand knowledge about Alberta’s watersheds.

Canadian Heritage Rivers System - Promotes, protects and enhances Canada's river heritage, and ensures that Canada's leading rivers are managed in asustainable manner.

Canadian Landscapes - Photos of Canadian landscapes and landforms.

Earth Science NASA - Missions, technology and information resources.

Earth Shots - Satellite photos of Environmental Change.

Geological Survey of Canada - Canada's agency for geoscientific research.

NASA: The Visible Earth - Search-able directory of Earh images and animations.

US Geological Survey - Geoscientific research agency in the United States.

Science Outreach Athabasca - November 26, 2018

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