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When was the last large Tornado in the Athabasca Area? In 1943 or 1984 or 1987?

Answer: In 1984 around Richmond Park/Big Cooley area.

A typical summer and winter in Athabasca usually includes which of the following average temperature ranges?

a) Summer: 10C to 12C Winter: -33C to -29C
b) Summer: 14C to 16C Winter: -5C to 0C
c) Summer: 25C to 29C Winter: -15C to -10C
d) Summer: 14C to 16C Winter: -15C to -10C

Answer: d) Summer: 14C to 16C and Winter -15 to -10C. The maximum recorded temperature in the Athabasca region occurred on August 10, 1984 at a temperature of 34.5C and the lowest recorded temp on Jan 27, 1966 at -46.1C. The maximum daily rainfall occurred on July 31, 1953 with 84.8mm of precipitation and the maximum daily snowfall was 20.4cm on April 29, 1986.

Science Outreach Athabasca - September 26, 2012

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