Pulp Mills and the Environment: an Annotated Bibliography for Nothern Alberta

Human Health

Bertazzi, P.A., C. Zocchetti, A.C. Pesatori, S. Guercilena, M. Sanarico and L. Radice. Ten-Year Mortality Study of the Population Involved in the Seveso Incident in 1976. American Journal of Epidemiology, volume 129, number 6, pages 1187-1200, 1989. Exposure to dioxins and other chemicals from the accident did increase the number of human cases of cancer.

Dykes, Robert H., Eric Jeffries, Marc D. Sherkin, and Donald F. Stark. Coming Up for Air: A Survey of the Literature on Air Pollution and Its Effects on Human Health and A Discussion of Ambient Air Readings in Prince George, British Columbia and Their Relationship to Hospital Admissions. Prince George, B.C.: [Robert H. Dykes?], 1987. Local medical concerns to the pulp mills of Prince George.

Environ Corp. Dioxin: Critical Review of Its Distribution, Mechanism of Action, Impacts on Human Health, and the Setting of Acceptable Exposure Limits. New York: National Council of the Paper Industry for Air and Stream Improvement, Special Report 87-07, 1987. Impacts on human health have to be reconsidered after recent allegations of fraud in some key studies. See Van Strum and Merrell below.

Hawks, M.P.G. Health Effects from Kraft (Sulphate) Pulp Mill Operations. Edmonton: Environment Conservation Authority, 1976. Old study of literature.

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Merrell, Paul and Carol Van Strum. Negligible Risk: Premeditated Murder? Journal of Pesticide Reform, volume 10, number 1, pages 20-22, Spring 1990. A quick look at risk assessment.

National Technical Information Service. Pulp and Paper Mill Effluents: Toxicity to Humans. (Jan. 76 - Jan. 87). Springfield, Virginia: The service, February 1987. A review.

O'Brien, Mary. If Not Risk Assessment, Then What? Journal of Pesticide Reform, volume 10, number 1, pages 2-7, Spring 1990. Promotes qualitative assessment of risks.

Schwartz, E. A Proportionate Mortality Ratio Analysis of Pulp and Paper Mill Workers in New Hampshire. British Journal of Industrial Medicine, volume 45, pages 234-238, 1988. Analysis of 1,071 deaths of pulp and paper workers showed proportionately more deaths from cancers. Mortality analysis of 452 timber cutters and loggers showed no such increases.

Van Strum, Carol and Paul Merrell. Dioxin Human Health Damage Studies: Damaged Data? Journal of Pesticide Reform, volume 10, number 1, pages 8-12, Spring 1990. Overview of the investigations that indicate fraud occurred in several studies of industrial accidents upon which safe levels of dioxins were based.

Wein, Eleanor E. Nutrient Intakes and Use of Country Foods by Native Canadians Near Wood Buffalo National Park. Guelph: doctoral thesis, University of Guelph, 1989. Shows high use of fish for food by natives. Contamination of fish could lead to adverse health effects.

Zack, Judith A. and Raymond R. Suskind. The Mortality Experience of Workers Exposed to Tetrachlorodibenzodioxin in a Trichlorophenol Process Accident. Journal of Occupational Medicine, volume 22, number 1, pages 11-14, January 1980. Mortality analysis on 121 workers involved in an accident at the Monsanto Company plant in Nitro, West Virginia. The validity of this study has been called into question.

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